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8 months ago
Here's our 'First Trailer' concept for Paramount Pictures upcoming movie GLADIATOR 2 (2024) (More Info About This Video Down Below!)

The inspiration behind this video:

Paul Mescal is set to lead Gladiator 2 as Lucius Verus II, a fictionalized version of a real historical figure. In Ridley Scott's original Gladiator film, Lucius Verus II (Spencer Treat Clark) is the young son of Lucilla (Connie Nielsen) and nephew of the villainous Roman Emperor Commodus, who develops an interest in the gladiatorial games and befriends Maximus (Russell Crowe). With the role being taken over by Paul Mescal in Gladiator 2's all-star cast, the adult Lucius Verus II will have the spotlight in the long-awaited sequel, though his role poses some notable concerns for historical accuracy.

The first Gladiator film isn't known for its accuracy, and makes a number of changes to true historical events for the purposes of drama and entertainment. For example, Commodus and Marcus Aurelius were very real Roman emperors, but are depicted in the film as caricatures of themselves. Meanwhile, Gladiator's protagonist Maximus is an entirely fictional character, and the ending notably changes Commodus' real-life death from an assassination to a fatal duel. Since Gladiator 2's story will likely follow a similar pattern of creative freedom, it's interesting to know where the story of characters like Lucius Verus II draws from.

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