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Noel Gallagher Doubles Down on His Dislike of ‘That F—ing 1975’ "It's certainly not f---ing rock," Gallagher said of Matty Healy's band. "Whatever rock is, that's not it."

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Noel Gallagher didn’t have any nice things to say about The 1975 recently, after Matty Healy suggested Noel and estranged brother Liam owe it to Oasis fans to get over their “mard” and reunite. Noel still doesn’t have any nice things to say.

“He needs to go over how s— his band is and split up,” Gallagher — who just released Council Skies, his latest album with High Flying Birds — had snapped back at Healy’s comment in May.

Now, in a new interview with NME, Gallagher was asked whether he feels Oasis continues to influence contemporary bands today. The topic detoured into him talking about the state of rock … and The 1975.

“Oasis’ influence, I think, was for people to f—ing start a band in the first place. I do meet loads of guys who say that and that’s great. There are a lot of them around, it’s just a pity guitar music has become marginalized. You’ve either got to be rock, or that f—ing 1975. At the BRITs, The 1975 won Best Rock or some f—ing s—,” Gallagher is quoted as saying in the piece published Saturday (June 3).

“I was watching it with my kids, two teenage lads, thinking, ‘Is it me being a grumpy old man, or is this s—?’” he recalled. “They were both going, ‘Oh no, this is f—ing s—’. The 1975, Best Rock Band? Someone needs to re-define that immediately, because that is… I don’t know what that is, but it’s certainly not f—ing rock. Whatever rock is, that’s not it.”

Elsewhere in the interview, when Gallagher was chatting about flaws on his albums (he says his recordings are “not perfect by any means”), NME presented a question related to Healy’s rumored girlfriend, Taylor Swift: “Would you ever do a Taylor Swift and re-record your past albums?”

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