Kevin Costner's Divorce Shocker Rumored To Be Tied To 'Yellowstone' Set Pregnancy, But Not So Fast

  • last year
Kevin Costner was widely seen as the stoic and highly respectable star of TV’s biggest drama. Now, the award-winning "Yellowstone" actor is at complete odds with his signature series, with reports that he’s exiting after the yet-to-finish-filming fifth season, and was reportedly blindsided this week by wife Christine Baumgartner filing for divorce after 18 years. In the midst of it all, the rumor mill has been quite busy, with Costner linked to reports that someone from the "Yellowstone" set got pregnant during production. But while nothing is 100% certain at this point, it probably wouldn’t be good to put too much stock into that rumor.

While it’s unclear where the rumors started, fans on social media speculated about Kevin Costner’s "Yellowstone" scheduling conflicts (which are technically also unsubstantiated, given the radio silence on the matter from both the actor and co-creator Taylor Sheridan), and how they may be tied to rumors that he got a female pregnant on the set. Now, TMZ is reporting sources with ties to Costner are calling pucky on those set pregnancy claims, saying the rumors are “total B.S.”