Asturcón - Asturcón 1981 (Spain, Prog Folk, Symphonic Prog)

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Asturcón - Asturcón 1981 (Spain, Prog Folk, Symphonic Prog)

Only album from the group of Gijon Asturias (Gijón, Xixón, Asturias). When and where they sing - then the Asturian language (or "bubble"). But they sing a little, mostly playing folk music in the symphonic style, and very beautiful ... A Asturcón - is the name of the breed of local mountain horses (or ponies, Asturian Pony) ...Asturcon from Spain is one of the most intresting bands that ever came from this country in early '80s in progressive rock movement. With only one album released selftitled in 1981 and taken the name from some race of horses from that region, Asturcon manage to capture my attention from first to last piece. Intresting are the combinations of folk passages with symphonic touches and some celtic prog arrangements, imagine bands like Crack, Triana or Azahar geting together with Mike Oldfield,and the result is Asturcon. The first track Mayu, the longest from the album has a clear symphonic prog orentation, minus the intro who has that celtic atmosphear with bagpipes and all ingredients for such music. Second tune Xareu En La 214 is really intresting, has an odd rythmic section, very nice in the end and enjoyble it sounds to me a lot with another spanish band Abedul, El ventolin is another worthy track but El Galope Del Asturcon is my fav from here. Excellent changes in tempo, nice moods from jazzy parts to folk with great keyboards and inventive arrangements. So, overall a very entertaing and consistent release that goes rather unnoticed in prog circles, for that period, this album, musicaly speaking keeps the flag high.Review by b_olariu


01. Mayu (V.Carrizo) - 12:42

02. Xareu en la 214 (V.Carrizo) - 4:11

03. El ventolín (V.Carrizo - P.Solana) - 4:00

04. El galope del asturcón (V.Carrizo) - 7:59

05. Añada pa lo mío Aidina (V.Carrizo) - 2:57

06. La coralina (Manuel F.Alcoba-Arreglos, V.Carrizo) - 3:57


- Paulino Solana - electric & acoustic guitars
- José Carlos "Mingla" - keyboards
- Juan Carlos Martínez - bass
- Víctor "Viti" Carrizo - drums, flute, bagpipe, vocals