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WWE Star Pulled From WWE Royal Rumble 2023…Ripley In Mens Rumble…Segment Cancelled…Wrestling News

Biggest News Stories and Rumors in WWE and AEW

0:00 Intro
0:42 Major RAW 30 Segment Cancelled
1:37 Vince McMahon Happy With WWE Creative?
2:34 WWE Hall Of Famer Labelled “Dangerous”
3:27 Top WWE Star Almost Appeared at Wrestle Kingdom 17
4:04 Former WWE Champion Still Working The Royal Rumble?
4:54 Ronda Rousey Pulled From The Royal Rumble?
5:52 Rhea Ripley to Enter The Men’s Royal Rumble?
6:41 Another WWE Legend Confirmed For RAW 30
7:10 AEW Star Reacts to RAW 30 Promo Package

Topics Discussed In this Video:
1. WWE News
2. WWE Rumors
3. AEW News
4. Wrestling News
5. Wrestling Rumors
6. Wrestlelamia

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