Michael J. Fox Says Battle With Parkinson’s Disease Keeps Getting Tougher: “I’m Not Going to Be 80”

7 months ago
Michael J. Fox is coming to terms with how difficult his more than 30-year battle with Parkinson’s disease has become.

“I’m not gonna be 80,” the “Back to the Future” star, 61, recognizes in a preview for an upcoming episode of “CBS Sunday Morning.”

Journalist Jane Pauley tells Fox in the clip that he has “not squandered” but that his illness will one day “make the call” as to when it’s his time to go.

“Yeah, it’s, it’s banging on the door,” the “Family Ties” alum says in response.

“I’m not gonna lie. It’s gettin’ hard, it’s gettin’ harder. It’s gettin’ tougher. Every day it’s tougher.”