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  • last year
Watch our 'Teaser Trailer' concept for John Wick: Chapter 5 (2024) (More Info About This Video Down Below!)

The inspiration behind this video:

By giving an in-universe explanation as to why the Elder was played by a different actor in Chapter 4, the latest entry in the John Wick franchise changed the Elder’s role in this universe. It also made the head of the Table’s return in John Wick 5 much easier. Just like the former Elder died and was replaced by the one in John Wick 4, a new head of the Table can rise ahead of John Wick 5. The High Table needs a new leader now that both the current Elder and the Marquis de Grammont are dead, and it can be assumed that a new Elder will be chosen quickly.

Considering that neither of the Elders who appeared in John Wick had a significant role in the story other than being a plot device, it would be interesting if John Wick 5 revealed that the Elder is just a symbolic role that serves as a cover-up for the real head of the Table. It is just not too feasible to believe that the most important person on the high Table would be so easy to track down, to the point two Elders were killed between Parabellum and Chapter 4. Should that be the case, John Wick 4’s Elder recast gets another layer and becomes even more interesting.

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