From swipes to dates: The Chat GPT AI matchmaker helping men find love on Tinder

  • last year
The self-proclaimed "most swiped right man" on Tinder says he's using Chat GPT and AI tech to help "genetically non-blessed people" find love.

Stefan-Pierre Tomlin, 32, is a model and claims dating "has never been a hard task" - as meeting women "comes easily to him".

In 2017, it was revealed he was the 'most swiped man' on dating app Tinder.

Now he is using his dating prowess and the power of AI to coach the unlucky in love and help them reach romantic success - like a real life Hitch.

Through his site, Celebrity Love Coach, single men can pay a subscription starting from £45 to £120 and he says he will help lead them to have more successful matches with suitors online.