Man earns £50k-a-year by playing FIFA in his bedroom

  • last year
A 24-year-old man says he is living every young lad's dream after earning up to £50,000 a year by playing FIFA in his bedroom for eight hours a day.

Alex Shaw first became hooked on the hit EA Sports football game when he bought FIFA 12 for his Playstation 2 at the age of 13.

After playing the video game for hours on end and thrashing his friends after school, he began to challenge professional players online.

And when he started to beat the pros on the virtual pitch, Alex was invited to compete in an online football tournament in 2018.

The die-hard Liverpool fan became an official FIFA eSports player that season and has made a staggering £150,000 in the last five years playing online footy.

Alex has travelled around the world, facing the best players on the planet, across America and Europe, representing Leicester City, Fulham and Watford.

Every day, Alex spends up to eight hours playing FIFA on his PlayStation 5 in his bedroom on his £5,000 monitor and controller set up.