Air India 2023 | அசர வைத்த F-35, F-16 Dogfight | F/A-18-ஐ களமிறக்கிய US | S 400 | Rajnath Singh

Defence Digest With Nandhini | Aero India 2023 Second Day Highlights

0:12 Aero India 2023: US Fighter jets enthral audience with breath-taking manoeuvres
3:18 Aero India 2023: Indian Army Vice Chief takes sortie in indigenous Light Utility Helicopter
4:02 “We are still pursuing…” Navy vice chief talks about integrating US Predator drones
6:20 First elements of S 400 Air Defence System operationalised: IAF Chief
7:17 Indigenous tactical drone ‘Tango Bravo’ steals limelight at Aero India 2023
7:40 Rajnath Singh meets Defence heads of various countries on sidelines of Aero India 2023