The government has been altering chicken feed so chickens stop laying eggs could they do this to us-

  • last year
I would be fine with hanging the vast majority of these sold out traitorous bastards running this shit show. It's now undeniable, that the government has been lacing chicken feed so that chickens stopped laying eggs. What have they been putting in our foods to poison us?

It begs the question...Which came first the mutant chicken or the GMO eggs?

Which is why that eggs are so bloody expensive right now. Could it be any clearer, our governments are trying to kill us. They want us to die, how much longer can we tolerate this? Whatever they are putting in the chicken feed will make its way into our bodies. We are being actively poisioned by our government with EMF, medicine, food, water and even with what they put in the air.
Source: SonOfEnos: