Britney Spears’ Fans Call 911 After She Deletes Instagram Account

  • last year
Britney Spears’ Fans Call 911 , After She Deletes Instagram Account.
TMZ reports that sheriff's deputies
responded to Spears' home at around
11 p.m. on Jan. 25 to conduct a welfare check.
The Ventura County Sheriff's Office was reportedly
called by several fans who were worried about the
singer's well-being after she deleted her Instagram account.
Sources close to Spears say that while she understand that her fans care about her,
she was "annoyed" by the situation.
TMZ reports that the pop star has deleted her Instagram account several times before.
This latest incident comes days
after Spears said on Instagram that she
was changing her name to River Red.
TMZ also reports that Spears was recently seen eating dinner with her husband,
Sam Asghari, in Woodland Hills.
Witnesses say Spears was acting "manic," which caused Asghari to allegedly leave.
Asghari has since said that he was
simply leaving to get their car.
Spears' mental health continues to be
scrutinized since her conservatorship
ended in November 2021