10 months ago

Woman pranks friend by telling her that some 'coppers' were asking for her *She was SCARED!*

Hilarious footage has surfaced from Birmingham, England, which shows Kerrie Benton pranking her friend, Susan Little at work.

The video starts with Susan rushing to the front desk after Kerry tells her there are 'two coppers' waiting for her.

The sense of worry is prevalent in Susan's body language, as if she knew she was about to get in trouble.

However, upon reaching the desk, she finds out that her friend was messing with her, which meant she had been panicking for nothing.

"I work with Sue and I’m forever pranking her; I told her some coppers had come to the hotel asking for her and this was the reaction she had," the filmer told WooGlobe.
Location: Birmingham, England
WooGlobe Ref : WGA915230
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