The reason why Elon Musk's Twitter bans Donie O'Sullivan and Mastodon from Twitter

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Elon Musk's Twitter has blocked links to rival Mastodon. That could raise alarm among regulators
Elon Musk's Twitter sparked a worldwide outcry on Thursday when it suspended some journalists at major news organizations from covering him.
But another and possibly related move that Elon Musk's Twitter made around the same time, against a fast-growing rival, could expose the company to regulatory scrutiny, some experts say. legal experts said.
In addition to suspending journalists who covered a controversy involving third-party tracking of Elon Musk's private jet, the platform also suspended rival Mastodon's official Twitter account after it tweeted about your ElonJet account.
Twitter users began tweeting links to their Mastodon profiles, some half-jokingly telling followers where they could be found on the alternative platform in case they were also banned from Twitter. Elon Musk without warning.
Soon after, however, Elon Musk's Twitter started rolling out roadblocks — marking links to Mastodon as "unsafe" and potentially malicious, blocking tweets containing those links, and preventing people from using them. use the Mastodon link to their profile.
Now, legal experts are weighing whether there could be anticompetitive or other legal implications arising from Elon Musk's Twitter blocking Mastodon links.
Twitter Restrictions on Mastodon
As news of the journalist suspension spread, many of Elon Musk's Twitter users announced that they were migrating or expanding to Mastodon. But the sudden restrictions that Elon Musk's Twitter placed on link sharing appear to have thwarted some efforts to refer users to the alternative platform.
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Twitter Restrictions on Mastodon
The reason why Elon Musk's Twitter bans Donie O'Sullivan and Mastodon from Twitter

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