Eminem's Grand Theft Auto movie was rejected by Rockstar Games according to rumors.

  • 2 years ago
Tony Scott, the filmmaker of "Top Gun," was originally slated to direct the picture. More about : https://www.hiijo.com/en/grand-theft-auto-v/news/according-to-rumors-eminem-s-grand-theft-auto-movie-was-rejected-by-rockstar-games-91795.html

In the early 2000s, Rockstar Games is said to have rejected a Grand Theft Auto movie starring Eminem.

Sam turned down a $5 million USD offer for the movie rights not long after Grand Theft Auto III was published in 2001, according to industry veteran and friend Kirk Ewing, who recently spoke on Bugzy Malone's Grandest Game podcast. Sam and Dan Houser are the brothers who created Grand Theft Auto. Eminem, who had recently released The Marshall Mathers LP and had won Best Rap Album Best Rap Solo Performance at the 2001 GRAMMYs, was supposed to feature in the movie, which Top Gun director Tony Scott was supposed to direct.

"Kirk, we have Eminem to star, and it's a Tony Scott film," the agent remarked. A $5 million nose dive. Do you have any interest?" stated Ewing. "And I called Sam and told him to pay attention. They want Tony Scott to helm the Grand Theft Auto movie and Eminem to star. He then responded, "Not interested." They came to the realization that their media franchise was larger than any currently playing film.

Em eventually made his film debut with 8 Mile the year after, which garnered him an Academy Award for Best Original Song for "Lose Yourself," despite the GTA movie never materializing.

In related news, Eminem will open a Mom's Spaghetti-inspired restaurant in New York.

Is Grand Theft Auto V a good video game?

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