Music that soothes the eyes [Eyestrain/Recovery of visual acuity] Solfeggio frequency 528Hz and frequency 1000Hz tones heal tired eyes.

  • 2 years ago
It is music with a solfeggio frequency of 528Hz that heals the eyes and 1000Hz that restores eyesight.
The sound of the solfeggio frequency of 528Hz, which is called the "miracle frequency", is said to repair the DNA of damaged or broken cells when exposed to excessive stress.

Please listen when you want to meditate or relax.

Please use it as a BGM for introducing sleep.

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Healing music and video that heals you.

Enjoy a healing time that makes you happy, such as stress relief, insomnia measures, and recovery from brain fatigue with images that are kind to the mind and body and BGM.

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