Stressful circumstances worsen symptoms of long-term Covid: Study

  • 2 years ago
A new study reveals that the death of a loved one, financial or food poverty, or the development of a new disability were some of the best indicators of whether a patient hospitalised for Covid-19 will suffer signs of long Covid a year later.

Led by researchers from NYU Grossman School of Medicine, the study found that adult patients with such "major life stressors" -- present in more than 50% of those followed -- were at least twice as likely to struggle with depression, brain fog, fatigue, sleep problems, and other long-term Covid-19 symptoms, say the study authors.

Published online this week in the Journal of the Neurological Sciences, the analysis also confirmed the contribution of traditional factors to greater long Covid risk as shown by past studies -- older age, disability level to start with, and a more severe initial case of Covid-19.