Gaye And Other Stories Clifford T Ward Singer-Songwriter, Baroque Pop melodic, male vocals

  • 2 years ago
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Track listing
01. Gaye
02. Wherewithal
03. Cellophane
04. The Dubious Circus Co.
05. Not Waving - Drowning
06. Time the Magician
07. Homethoughts From Abroad
08. The Way of Love
09. The Open University
10. Jig-Saw Girl
11. A Day to Myself
12. Nightingale
13. We Could Be Talking
14. Where's It Going to End?
15. Crisis
16. Scullery
17. Where Would That Leave Me?
18. To an Air Hostess
19. A Sad Affair
20. Miner
Clifford T. Ward songwriter, producer, keyboards
Glen LeFleur drums
Andrew Steele drums
Dave Wintour bass
Andy Brown bass
John Mealing keyboards
Richard Hewson string arrangements