Is the Government wasting money on arts_ IELTS Writing task 2 Sample Answer.

  • 2 years ago

Some people think the government is wasting money on art and that this money could be better spent elsewhere

Arts have always influenced cultures to flourish, and it remained an important part of development throughout the history of mankind. Authorities of different countries have always tried to promote arts such as painting, dance, music, and sculpture. Many people in the world favor the investment in arts as a development tool, however, others feel it is completely a waste of money and resources as these resources could be utilized in some more useful activities such as health care, education, or employment. I personally favor the expenditure on arts; in this article, I shall shed some light on the importance of arts with relevant arguments and examples.
My belief is favoring arts such as sculpture, beautiful buildings, painting, and music because the expense on them is not actually an expense, it is an investment. If the traditional and cultural art gets famous worldwide then it is obvious that people from all around the world will come to experience them in our country which will be largely beneficial for the nation. For instance, when the government of India started building the statue of unity, it was opposed by many people by saying the 500 million Rupees spent on this could be utilized for developing 50 hospitals or 500 schools. But after the completion of the statue, the cost of building it recovered in just 3 years and now it is generating an income that is helpful in the development of the country in many ways.
Another example of the government's investment in arts being extremely fruitful is the advancement of Dubai City in the United Arab Emirates. 50 years ago there were only barren lands of the desert but because of the efforts of their rulers in the promotion of arts and infrastructure, the city is now well known as the shopping mall of the world. In this way, this expenditure proved to be a genius investment.
To conclude, at first money spent on arts may seem like a waste, but it is not at all waste. In my opinion, it is the best way money can be used to design a better future.