Final Cut / Coupez ! (2022) - Teaser 3 (English Subs)

  • il y a 2 ans
Directed by : Michel Hazanavicius
Produced by : Getaway Films, La Classe Américaine
Genre: Fiction - Runtime: 1 h 51 min
French release: 17/05/2022
Production year: 2021

In a disused factory, a Z-grade horror film shoot is in full swing. Jaded technicians, uninvolved actors… only the director seems to possess the necessary energy to give life to this umpteenth low-budget zombie movie. During the preparation of a particularly difficult shot, filming is disrupted by an eruption of the real living dead. In front of the camera, everything looks more-or-less normal. Behind it, the crew is freewheeling to save the film while following their one and only watchword: DON’T CUT!

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