Xi Jinping removes Chinese Premier Le Keqiang from CPC's core committee | Oneindia News
  • last year
Chinese President Xi Jinping, in an effort to solidify his powers more, has dropped two of the most senior politburo members effective immediately. In a major leadership shuffle, Xi Jinping has dropped Chinese Premier Li Keqiang, the nation's No. 2 official, and a proponent of economic reforms. He will be among four of the seven members who will not be reappointed to the nation's all-powerful Politburo Standing Committee.This development was announced just hours after the video of the former President Hu Jintao's unceremonious exit from the meet went viral. The removal of Li, while not unexpected, has signaled Jinping's continuing tight hold on power in the world’s second-largest economy.Mr. Li, who will step down in March as premier, is 67 and therefore eligible under China's age norms to have served another five years on the standing committee. With this, his ten years of premiership will come to an end. But his removal has sent a clear message that Xi Jinping wants untrammelled and unquestionable authority. The move has also now stacked the Communist Party almost completely with Jinping's loyals and affiliates. The party also approved amendments to its constitution aimed at cementing the core status of Xi Jinping and the guiding role of his political thought within the party as it wrapped up its twice-a-decade congress. This event, held in Beijing every five years, has this time consolidated Xi Jinping's position as China's most powerful leader since Mao Zedong. Tomorrow, the new Central Committee will choose the elite Politburo Standing Committee, with Jinping all set to secure a third leadership term.

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