Tory MP Sir Roger Gale says he will ‘resign the whip‘ if Boris Johnson returns as prime minister

last year
Tory grandee Sir Roger Gale has said that he would resign the Tory whip if Boris Johnson is returned to No 10, serving to further underscore the tensions in the party at the prospect of his reinstatement as PM.“I was a member of the Conservative Party before Mr Johnson was born. I shall die a Conservative. My wife and I have given over 100 years of service to our party,” Sir Roger told LBC.“I’m not going to quit the Conservative Party, but if Mr Johnson were to be elected – god help us – as the prime minister, I would have to resign the Conservative whip and I’ve made that very clear indeed.”He added: “I’ve made no bones about the fact that I’m supporting Penny Mordaunt, but I would be equally content to row in behind Rishi Sunak if he becomes the prime minister. We’ve got to pull together and we need to pull together. We do need a candidate that can unite the party in the interests of the party.”“This is people’s real lives,” he continued, calling Mr Johnson “utterly divisive” as he added: “This is not about the Conservative Party, this is about the future of the United Kingdom and we all need to remember that and grow up a bit.”LBC