Part 4 - Future Hi-Tech Products That Are About to Change Our World

  • 2 years ago
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Cancer-Detecting Needles
Smart needle uses light to detect cancer cells quickly

Smart True Mirrors
Mirrors use smart technology to give you a more accurate view of yourself

Money-Less Stores
Businesses only accept app payments or card payments

Search & Rescue Robot
Robot first responders rescue people in damaged buildings, sea, etc.

Flying Taxis
Hydrogen powered flying vehicles create less congestion on the ground

Bionic Eyes
Implants to restore vision for those with degenerative retinal diseases

AI Home Assistant Voice Cloning
Computerized smart speaker voice mimics your own human voice

Holograms Bring Stars To The Stage
Stars, dead or alive, can return to the stage as a hologram

VR Music Festivals
An entire music festival goes virtual reality

Entire Movies Autogenerated By AI
Entire films totally written, directed & produced by artificial intelligence

Philosophy of using technology to improve the quality of human life

Tunnels Connecting Countries
Could get someone from Europe to America in 54 minutes

Smart Cities
Cities use AI tech to collect data manage services

Space Elevators
Elevator that travels from Planet Earth to space stations in orbit

AI-Enabled Warfare
AI makes optimal weapons decisions based on past warfare data

Upload Your Dream To A Computer
Uploads a recording of your dream to a computer for next day play back

Nomadic Floating Cities Roaming The Ocean
These floating cities can shelter displaced people

Electric Planes
Planes powered by electric sources of energy, rather than just fuel

Camouflage Helicopter
Hides vehicles’ infrared signature, rendering thermal imaging obsolete

AI Submarine
Autonomous submarine operates totally isolated from humans

Virtual Domes
Carbon-fiber sphere acts as a 3D virtual reality navigable space

An Electric City Airbus
Acts as an “air taxi” to avoid traffic on the ground

Bionic Aircrafts
Aircraft constructed using a “bionic” structure similar to a bird’s skeleton

Virtual Periscope
Periscope doesn’t need to rise above the water to see what’s in the sky

Bionic’s Ocean-Recovered Plastic Polymers
Sweeps the ocean for plastics and then turns that plastic into yarn

The WasteShark
Hoovers up biowaste, debris, and plastic from our waterways

The Plastic Bank
Turns plastic waste into building materials, among other projects

Finless Foods
Creates cultured fish through cellular agriculture to prevent extinction

Waterless Beauty Brands
Uses less or no water in their products, helping fight water scarcity

Edible Water Balls
H2O encased in a clear, edible, biodegradable seaweed membrane

Biodegradable Packaging
Made from starch and cassava root