SpaceX Crew Dragon successfully docks at International Space Station
  • hace 2 años
The SpaceX Crew Dragon Endurance wrapped up a 29-hour rendezvous with a picture-perfect docking at the International Space Station on Thursday, bringing two NASA astronauts, a Japanese flier and a Russian cosmonaut, to the outpost a day after launch from the Kennedy Space Center. Spacecraft commander Nicole Mann, co-pilot Josh Cassada, Japan's Koichi Wakata and cosmonaut Anna Kikina, the first Russian to fly on a Crew Dragon, monitored a series of automated rendezvous rocket firings as the SpaceX capsule moved in, docking at the station's forward port at 5:01 p.m. EDT. A dozen motorized bolts then drove home to firmly lock the two spacecraft together with an airtight structural seal. "Docking sequence complete," radioed SpaceX communicator Jake Vendl from the company's Hawthorne, California, control room. "Crew Dragon Endurance, and Koichi, Nicole, Josh and Anna, welcome to the International Space Station." "Thank you so much!" Mann replied. "Crew 5 is happy to have finally arrived at