DOJ Says Trump Didn’t Turn Over All Documents

last year
DOJ Says Trump Didn’t , Turn Over All Documents.
'The New York Times' reports that the
U.S. Justice Department has told Donald Trump's
lawyers that it suspects the former president still has documents he took from the White House.
Harvard law professor Laurence Tribe
said the DOJ's skepticism about Trump's cooperation
“looks like a major step toward an indictment
of Trump by DOJ for obstruction of justice.”.
Since the November midterms are
around the corner, 'The New York Times' says the development puts the DOJ in a difficult position.
But according to former prosecutor
Tristan Snell, “The self-imposed rule on DOJ
actions within 60 days of an election is simply
not appropriate for the Trump documents case.”.
This is not a case of campaign finance violations. Our national security is at stake – our most sensitive state secrets. Get warrants and go get the docs, Tristan Snell, former prosecutor, via 'The Guardian'.
Trump, who previously said he had the
power to declassify documents while in
office simply by thinking about it.
has maintained that he's done
nothing wrong by keeping classified documents at his Mar-a-Lago home.
Trump spokesperson Taylor Budowich
echoed that sentiment. .
The weaponized Department of Justice and the politicized FBI are spending millions and millions of American tax dollars to perpetuate witch hunt
after witch hunt, Taylor Budowich, Trump spokesperson, via 'The Guardian'