Adopted man discovers his biological family after 20 years when his brother tracks him down on Instagram

  • 2 years ago
An adopted man discovered his biological family after 20 years when his brother tracked him down on Instagram - thanks to his unusual first name. Iverson Poff, 20, was adopted from birth and raised by his adoptive parents - but always secretly wondered who his biological family were. Iverson, who was raised in Portland, Oregon, US, had a few baby pictures provided by the adoption agency. However it was a closed adoption - where adoptive family and the biological family have no contact - and the adoption agency used had long since shut its doors. The full-time male nanny never expected to know any more than that - until an Instagram message from a man claiming to be his older brother popped up. His older brother Jalen Vickers, 22, explained that thanks to Iverson's unique first name which his mum had remembered, it was easy for him to be found. The message came in July and just 16 hours later Iverson was on a flight to Salt Lake City, Utah, US, where his mother and three biological siblings were waiting to meet him. He described it as the "most euphoric moment" after meeting the family he thought he'd never know - and now he's planning to move to Utah to be closer to them. Iverson, currently living in Eugene, Oregon, US, said: "When I first met my family it was like seeing angels. It was crazy - I can't even explain it. "I was actually in the process of doing DNA tests to try and find them on Ancestry, but they found me before I had chance to finish. "I have a great relationship with my adoptive parents but I always felt like there was a void, or a missing puzzle piece. "I knew I had two biological siblings, but I never knew I had three. It's all very surreal. "I never expected to ever meet my biological family. I have to count my blessings. "It's been breath-taking." Iverson grew up in a happy household with his adoptive parents and three adopted siblings, who he is close with. He knew he was adopted but had little more information than that due to it being a closed adoption - although he grew more curious with time. He only had a handful of baby pictures, and never expected he'd ever meet his biological family as the adoption agency had shut when he was five. But on July 20 this year, he received a message from Jalen Vickers, 22, claiming to be his older brother. He said: "I have that date tattooed on my arm, because it was so important to me. "I opened the message instantly and I knew straight away who it was. I just knew." Jalen explained he knew he had a brother called Iverson, and thanks to the unique name, it wasn't too hard to find his social media. They exchanged childhood photographs - with the ones given to Iverson matching those Jalen had. Less than 24 hours later, Jalen had bought Iverson a plane ticket to Utah and Iverson was on his way to meet his biological family. Describing the moment, Iverson said: "It was the most euphoric moment, like seeing angels for the first time. "It was crazy, I don’t even know how to explain it. It was breathtaking. "It felt very surreal." It transpired he had not only an older brother, but also two younger sisters aged 18 and 13. He learned from his mother, Danielle Zimmerman, that she had been unable to support him at the time she got pregnant. She had flown from her home in Florida, US, at the time all the way to Utah give birth to Iverson there, so his adoptive family could take him straight in. It had originally been a closed adoption, but over time the family changed their minds as Jalen was keen to meet his brother. Iverson said: "We discussed it and chose not to focus on the past. "Why do that when I have so much in the present and the future to focus on?" With the full support of his adoptive parents, he ended up staying in Utah for three weeks. In that time he bonded with his family doing 'normal family things' he never had the chance to do. Now back home in Oregon, US, he is already preparing his next trip out to see them again. He is even toying with the idea of moving out to Utah for good - so he can catch up on all the years he missed with his family. He said: "When I met them, I felt like the void in my head was filled. "Like I'd been missing puzzle pieces that I now have. It's awesome. "I have to count my blessings - I've been very fortunate."