Tom Cruise was seen shaking hands with staff at a small British airport

  • 2 years ago
Hollywood star Tom Cruise was seen shaking hands with staff at a small British airport - after disembarking from his private jet and later taking to the skies in a helicopter. The legendary Top Gun actor, whose most recent film has grossed over £1bn, was filmed talking with ground crew at Teesside International Airport earlier this morning. Flight data showed a Swiss private jet had flown from Tampa International Airport, in Florida, late on Monday before touching down at the British regional terminal at 11.16 am today (Tues). And onlookers who unexpectedly caught a glimpse of the Hollywood megastar said he had waved to them before flying off in his shiny black chopper. Driving instructor Stephen I’Anson, 61, who filmed Cruise disembarking, said he had found out about the “secret” landing via one of his pupils. He said: “He touched down at 11.25 am in a Bombardier private jet, and then he got into a helicopter. I heard he was going to do some reworking on his Mission Impossible film. “I’m a driving instructor, and one of my pupils lives at the airport. He knows somebody who refuels the jets, and he told me after the lesson he was going to see Tom Cruise. “I thought he meant one of his film, but he said he would be landing at Teesside Airport.” Steve said the actor took 20 minutes to disembark his plane before getting into a Range Rover and heading over to a helicopter on the other side of the airport. He said: “There weren’t a lot of people there. They kept it as secret as possible. It took him about 20 minutes to get off the flight. “They had to get all the baggage off first. Everyone was shocked by what they were seeing. He waved to some people on the viewing platform. “Then he got in his Range Rover and went to the other side of the airport to get into his helicopter. Cruise, 60, who is also known for his long-running Mission Impossible franchise, is reported to be living with his daughter, Isabella Kidman Cruise, 29, in a house in Surrey. But dad-of-three was spotted by shocked dog walkers last month paragliding in the Lake District.