528Hz SUPER POSITIVE Energy In Your HOME - Miracle Healing Music to Cleanse Yourself - Healing Tones

  • il y a 2 ans
Hello! We would like to welcome you to this profound, soul-soothing, and relaxing 528 Hz music release. This 528 Hz release is a release for super positive energy in your home and yourself. The 528 Hz frequency is a miracle tone to help you cleanse yourself from negativity, traumas, and anxiety. Music tuned in 528 Hz can help you boost or better your mood. This music release is a healing tone track made to help with the purification and cleansing of your home, soul, mind, and body. It's when we have our body tuned into positivity change and evolvement of our body, soul, mind, and spirit can happen. Miracle-tuned frequency music can be used for sleeping, healing, doing yoga, meditating, and relaxation. It's when we take care of ourselves and let the healing start. It's only then we can thrive in our own spirit. When we are thriving in our own spirit and soul is when positivity, change, and attracting what we deserve will begin. So take a step back and let this lovely track help you guide you into a state where healing can start.

We create and release music we have carefully made purposely to help with self-healing, enter deep meditation, and connect with your higher and inner self and consciousness. We believe that everyone on this planet earth needs some time for their own to start healing their old wounds, traumas, and negative energy. In elevated states is where you can learn to heal emotional and physical traumas. So we hope this track can help you achieve cleansing of negativity, negative energies, wounds, and traumas. So you can evolve, succeed and manifest the life and lifestyle you deserve and desire.

Benefits of the 528 Hz Frequency:
- It’s a frequency resonating with nature, harmonizing vibrations.
- The frequency keeps one in ecstatic states such as deep inner peace.
- The 528 Hz frequency gives your mental clarity and awareness.
- It is said To Heal DNA & Harmnoize cells
- Elevated consciousness & levels of self-love
- Spiritual connection / Oneness