Baking and Cake Decorating With Wild Rye Baking Co.

  • 2 years ago
It was time to reinvent the cake mix! Wild Rye Baking Co. Wild Rye is changing the home baking game with elevated flavors and the highest quality ingredients taking the shape of the baking mixes we know from our childhood. Founder Sarah Chisholm shows Brad how to easily frost and serve an Olive oil cake as well as a chocolate sheet cake. With Wild Rye, they set out to create a new kind of baking company, one with a focus on ease and quality and an emphasis on connection and fun. The Wild Rye way: celebrate hard, live generously, eat real food & drink good wine. They believe in impromptu dance parties, pancakes on Mondays… and the fact that stress should never be on the guest list! And by the way, the AZTV crew thought the Olive oil cake was delicious! Order at