Grandma Can't Stop Shaking When She's Surprised By Family After Five Years | Happily TV

  • 2 years ago
A beloved mom received an outpouring of love online after a video of her being unable to stop shaking with shock when she was surprised by her son and his family after years went viral. Mary Gigg, 61, hadn’t seen her son, Mike, for five years; her grandson, Anthony, for about 12 years; and had never met her youngest grandchild, Angela, aged three. The surprise was devised by Mike and his dad, Garry, who had been diagnosed with cancer earlier in the year, which made Mike even more determined to make the cross-country visit. On July 13, Mike and his sister, Francesca, 32, turned up on Mary's doorstep, causing her to scream in shock and after a couple of reunion hugs, Mary was left shaking on her front patio while taking it all in. Mary and Garry live in Warren, Michigan; whereas Mike and his family live in Las Vegas, Nevada. Mike last paid his parents a visit in 2017, but due to a combination of rising travel costs and the coronavirus pandemic, roughly half a decade had then past since he had last visited his mom. But in March 2022, Garry, 68, was diagnosed with cancer (Lymphoma), which led him to start chemotherapy in June. It was at that time the family decided Mike had to visit his parents, and so he and the family purchased tickets and only told Garry about the visit, given that he is immunocompromised.