Boyfriend of the year fulfils girlfriend's dream of getting proposed to in a memorable way

  • 2 years ago
This heartwarming video shows a guy and his friends preparing a cute little triangle-shaped wood bed on the beach for the former's girlfriend.

The subject then takes his partner to the surprise spot and proposes to her with a beautiful diamond ring while sitting on the triangle-shaped bed.

“I thought I'd surprise my girlfriend as she had a dream of being proposed to,” said Jaimes Antunes. “In addition to allowing her to be emotional, I also wanted to make it a little more fun and unusual. Reserved for small videos during our routines, we walked with the engagement ring where we passed without her noticing.

“I recorded videos for about a year. In all this time, I was able to record at parties, at homework, passing by, on beaches, and sleeping. In the end, she was very happy and everything worked out.”

Name: Jaimes Antunes
Location: Sao Bernardo do Campo - São Paulo, Brazil

WooGlobe Ref : WGA139450
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