Karachi Ke Naujawan Ne Qurbani Asan Kardi - 25 Se 31 Thousand Me Bakron Ki Sale Laga Di

  • 2 years ago
A young boy from Karachi has made the obligation of Qurbani easy for the people of city. He is selling all the goats in the minimal prices of 25,000 and 31,000. He has brought all the goats from the interior of Sindh himself. UrduPoint anchor Zohaib Mansha has interviewed him. How he is selling all these goats in such a low price while the price of the animals in other cattle markets are going very high this year. Let's take a look at this video.
Anchor: Zohaib Mansha

#EidulAdha #QurbaniKaJanwar #BakraEid #Qurbani

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