Carol Of Harvest 1978 (Germany, Progressive/Folk Rock)

2 years ago
German musicians released their first and last album of the same name “Carol Οf Harvest” in 1978 with a modest circulation of 200 copies, and then, after giving just a couple of concerts, the group successfully performed It happened, as is commonly believed, because of the departure of Jurgen Kolb: without his shamanism on the large synthesizer, Uga “Hymn to Harvest” was no longer himself. They played very melodic folk with elements of prog-rock, and the sorceress Beate Krause was in charge of the vocals

01. Put On Your Nightcap — 15:58
02. You And Me — 2:32
03. Somewhere At The End Of The Rainbow — 6:24
04. Treary Eyes — 4:17
05. Try A Little Bit — 9:57
Bonuses (Live in Langenzenn, March 1978):
06. River — 2:40
07. Sweet Heroin — 7:03
08. Brickstone — 1:14

Beate Krause — female vocals
Axel Schmierer — guitar
Jürgen Kolb — keyboards
Heinz ReinschlĂźscher — bass
Robert Högn — drums
Carol Of Harvest, Peter Klimek — producers