Celtics vs Warriors Game 2 Preview | Celtics Lab

2 years ago
Given the number of outliers we saw from both the Boston Celtics and the Golden State Warriors in alternating quarters of Game 1 of their 2022 NBA Finals series on Thursday, we can assume that however the two teams approach Game 2, the outcome will not resemble the previous contest's.

The Celtics role players will likely shoot worse, and Jayson Tatum better; Draymond Green and the Dubs will defend Boston better, and Stephen Curry will probably not put up the bulk of his offense in just one quarter. But how will the Celtics get their All-NBA forward going, and how will the Warriors adapt? Will we see more Payton Pritchard and less Grant Williams? Can we expect to say Golden State's Gary Payton II in Game 2?

To get to the bottom of what might be coming down the pike for Boston in the next installment of the NBA Playoffs, the hosts of the CLNS Media "Celtics Lab" podcast got together with the editor of our sister site Warriors Wire, Tommy Call III.

On this episode of the Lab, Call and our usual hosts Justin Quinn and Cameron Tabatabaie dive into what adjustments we might see come Sunday evening -- and how what we saw changed our opinions on how who might win it all.

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