Inspiring Quotes By Elon Musk That Prove His Sagacity - Spirit #quotes #motivation

  • 2 years ago
Elon Musk is a renowned Canadian-American business magnate, investor, and engineer. He is known to be the second entrepreneur in the Silicon Valley to establish three companies having a capital of more than $1 billion each. He has always shown interest in products that have a potential to change the world. He has a huge interest in space and owns a company called ‘SpaceX’ which manufactures satellites and launch vehicles and also has NASA on their client list. After his graduation, he collaborated with his brother to establish a software company ‘Zip2’ which he sold off to Compaq at a huge price in a short span of time. His next and first most notable venture was ‘PayPal’ which opened the gates of internet banking to the world. His next notable venture was the Tesla Motors which contributes significantly to the market of racing cars. Through this company, Musk aimed at redefining Electric cars and came up with cars which were super efficient working on a battery, unlike other general cars. Here are some gems of wisdom that have been uttered by the business giant which have become famous as his quotes and are quoted extensively. Read through the thoughts and quotes by Elon Musk that will give you a peek into such an innovative brain.


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