'Dad of the year shows daughter a 'smarter, not harder' way of putting on a bra '

  • 2 years ago
'The cool dad featured in this video is all about "working smarter, not harder."

Filmed in Canton, Ohio, this delightful footage features said dad giving his daughter a demonstration on how to put on a bra in a simple and painless way.

"Our daughter was having trouble doing her bra straps to her first bra and well, my husband and I disagreed with how it was done," the filmer, Katie Bailey shared. "He googled how and then showed her. It turned into a crazy mess of laughing and him being better at using a bra than me."

This clip was recorded on March 1, 2022.

Name: Katie Bailey
Location: Canton, Ohio'
WooGlobe Ref : WGA294307
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