Adopted Woman Finds Birth Mom In Rural Guatemala | Happily TV

  • 2 years ago
An adopted woman came face-to-face with her birth mother for the first time, having tracked her down to a rural farm in Guatemala. Utah native Kayela Sorenson can be seen tensely walking through the fields before finally meeting the woman who put her up for adoption when she was just six months old. Having met, a heart-breaking scene then plays out, where Kayela, 23 – before she could even give her mother a hug – listened to her birth mother explain why she had much a difficult choice all those years ago. With Kayela's friend Karla Pensamiento translating, her mother, Maria Morales, explained how she had to give her up for adoption despite desperately wanting to keep her as a child. Kayela stood crying throughout the explanation from a woman she had never met, before finally the pair embraced in floods of tears. The moment took place on September 6, 2019 – a day that Kayela says she "will always have an imprint on my heart."