Mom Screams In Shock As She's Surprised By Marine Daughter After 18 Months | Happily TV

2 years ago
A mom was left screaming and dancing in shock when her Marine daughter returned home to surprise her after 18 months. Lance Corporal Somer Horn had just returned from deployment in Okinawa, Japan, but before that she was separated from her family for a variety of reasons, from training through injury and then the coronavirus. Somer, 20, from Sallisaw, Oklahoma, joined the Marines in January 2020, first attending training in Parris Island, South Carolina. She left Okinawa on June 4th, flying to Tokyo and then on to Atlanta, Georgia – all without telling her parents. On the morning of June 5, family members were gathered in the kitchen for their usual Sunday morning coffees. Somer's mom, Tammy Horn, 50, was standing in the middle of the room, where she first hugged her niece, Breana. Little did show know, however, that in would walk Somer, who had planned the surprise with her sister, Delayna. As soon as Tammy saw her daughter, she shouted "OH MY GOD!" and began to scream and shake in shock. The crying mother then embraced her daughter, with her screams catching the attention of Calvin, who entered for the other room.