Herd of Sheep Covers Road in Colorado
  • 2 years ago
Occurred on October 29, 2021 / Meeker, Colorado, USA

Info From Licensor: In Northwest Colorado, sheep ranching is a part of life for many folks. The sheep herds are moved periodically throughout the year to different pastures. Often times ranchers will move the sheep down the highways to get the sheep to new pastures. If you come upon a herd of sheep on the highway, first off, don't panic, secondly, wow, it's like something you've never seen before... a sea of sheep! It is important to keep driving, slowly and cautiously, and if you can, stay in your lane. The sheep will move and if you try to drive around them it can cause more issues as the sheep can't predict what you are doing. There will most likely also be sheepdogs there so it is best to drive slowly and straight so the herd can travel past you safely. If there are other vehicles in front of you, drive as close to the car as you can to close "the gap" between. your vehicles as to make a samba line of sorts. This will keep the sheep from darting in front of your vehicle which can be stressful and scary.

Key points:
Don't drive too fast or you could hurt or kill an animal.
If you're driving through sheep you will also be driven by people on horses, the guardian sheepdogs, the herding sheepdogs, and people on foot as well.
Don't stop and freeze, it is okay to keep driving, carefully and cautiously, find a low speed that you can creep through the herd without spooking animals but also keep the traffic moving through.