Bills almost perfectly constructed to beat Patriots ... almost | Greg Bedard Patriots Podcast
  • 2 years ago
On this episode of the Greg Bedard Patriots Podcast w/ Nick Cattles, Greg and Nick preview the Patriots' Week 13 game with the Buffalo Bills on Monday Night Football. They discuss matchups, the weather factor, game picks and why the Bills are almost perfectly constructed to beat the Patriots.

0:10 Patriots-Bills Matchup

5:40 Josh Allen vs. Bill Belichick

12:30 Kyle Dugger likely OUT in Covid protocols

14:48 Weather factor + Wind chill of 17. Who does it favor?

17:10 Bedard: The Bills are almost perfectly constructed to counter the Patriots except for 4 key swing spots

28:10 Game pick: Bills +2.5 Favorites

33:10 BSJ member question of the day: Why did the Patriots allow the Titans to run all over them?

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