2 years ago

Chef Daniel Boulud's favorite kitchen items inside his Michelin-rated restaurant

Chef Daniel Boulud takes us on a tour inside the kitchen of his two Michelin-star restaurant, Daniel, in New York City. He shares some of his most favorite things, like his $270,000 bespoke stove.

0:19 Athanor stove
1:46 Vintage duck press
3:11 Coravin Model Three Wine Preservation System
5:21 French butcher knife
5:44 Customized Nenohi sashimi knife
6:08 Michel Bras No. 8 Boning Knife
6:42 Michel Bras No. 9 Bread Knife
7:03 Pierre Poivre N.7
8:06 Tsuma Taro Katsuramuki Slicer

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