777Hz, Attract Positivity + Extremely Good Luck + Abundance Money + 777 Hz for Angelic Healing

  • 3 years ago
Angelic Number 777 on a slot machine you’re getting big money!
The energy of triple seven brings good luck . It’s the best number to manifest specific things like love.

"This meditation music is produced with an AN frequency of 777 Hz. Angel frequency will decipher your soul and guide you to deep meditation. It is suitable as a background music for deep relaxation, relaxation and meditation."

"The music is produced in a chorus voice tone of angels and is characterized by a relaxed and strong rhythm and will receive powerful healing energy during deep relaxation.

During meditation, it will remove the negative energy of the subconscious mind, boost the positive energy, and help your meditation time more efficiently."

All Music are copyrighted to Healing Meditation YouTube Channel by Aura Subliminal.

@Audio: Authorization by Aurasubliminal

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