Mayorkas condemns Border Patrol controlling Haitian illegals on horseback

  • 3 years ago
Yesterday it was all the rage that the border patrol began using horses to bring order to the chaos on the border with the Haitian illegals. The media ran with the false accusation that the border patrol were whipping the illegals in order to contain them even though the border patrol didn’t have whips.

As the Fraternal Order of Police said yesterday, these are simply reins used to control the horse which were NOT being used as whips:

So let me get this straight. Joe Biden can cower to the Taliban and leave thousands of Americans, permanent residents and allies under the brutal rule of a terrorist organization but the moment our border patrol uses horses to try and control a Haitian invasion, that’s unacceptable and won’t be tolerated?

Biden’s people are a damn joke. The border patrol has to use extraordinary means to deal with this onslaught because Joe Biden is a coward and refuses to do anything about the border CHAOS that he caused by telling people everywhere to come to our border. If Biden would have done his job and finished the wall that Trump began, then our borders wouldn’t be overrun and this problem wouldn’t be there.

And again, it’s not like these officers did anything wrong here. They weren’t using whips at all.