Sew with me | is it easy to make a basic skirt for Francie Fairchild? #diydollclothes #barbie #skirt

  • vor 3 Jahren
#busybfromgermany #nostalgia #diy #dollrepair #dollresearch #childhoodtoys #francie In this video you can learn how easy it is to make a basic skirt for Francie Fairchild. After the design of the pattern you can additionally see how to sew a skirt that will fit Francie Fairchild 100% when you follow the instructions shown here. It's also possible to use this tutorial for other fashion dolls when you have the markings on the body. Full video is online here from tomorrow on.

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Hi and welcome to my Barbie Channel. I'm a real Barbie girl and as a long time collector. I'd like to show you different aspects like how to do repairs for Barbies produced from 1959 until the 1990s and how to become a good Barbie doc yourself. So you can use my experience to do the repairs yourself and save money by the fact that you don't need another person to repair them for you.If you have any suggestions what to tape or a specific topic just let me know. I'm open for new ideas.