These 5 Types of Fish should not be Consumed since they are Harmful to the Body

  • 3 years ago
These 5 types of fish should not be consumed since they are harmful to the body.

Swordfish, often known as swordfish, is a type of fish that humans should avoid eating.
The mercury concentration in the swordfish's body is high, according to Chef Frankie Terzoli. The mercury content of fish does not diminish as they grow larger and older.

Shark flesh and fins are still highly prized delicacies.
Eating shark flesh or fins, in reality, can result in loss of coordination, blindness, and even death.
This is due to the fact that the mercury content of sharks is increasing every year.

Bluefin Tuna
Bluefin tuna is not consumed by humans for two reasons:
1. Bluefin tuna is classified as a protected and endangered species.
2. Bluefin tuna contains a high amount of mercury.

King Mackerel
Anglers in Florida and throughout the South American coast love to capture King Mackerel.
However, you should avoid eating King Mackerel fish.
King mackerel is heavy in mercury, in addition to having a lovely odor.

Pufferfish poison is more lethal than cyanide poison.