Disney Announces Epic Party to Celebrate Walt Disney World's 50th Anniversary

  • 3 years ago
Disney Announces Epic Party, to Celebrate Walt Disney World's, 50th Anniversary.
To mark its 50th anniversary,
Walt Disney World announced
“The World's Most Magical Celebration.".
On Tuesday, Disney announced that
the 18-month celebration would
begin on October 1.
The celebration will include
a new nighttime show
called “Disney Enchantment"
at the Magic Kingdom.
The show features enhanced lighting,
fireworks and immersive projection effects.
Another new attraction, “Harmonious,"
will feature new interpretations
of classic Disney songs. .
The songs have been reimagined
in over a dozen languages by 240
artists from around the world.
Many other special attractions
are planned for all four parks,
including Animal Kingdom,
Hollywood Studios, Epcot
and the Magic Kingdom. .
The resort first opened to
guests on Oct. 1, 1971