Mexico Volcano UFOs- The Truth -In depth Analysis Breakdown by Paul + NavySphere] - OT Chan Live-407-Pt1

  • 3 years ago
#debunkingVolcanoUAPS #JaimeM #offworld

Topics with Chapters (TimeStamps):-
[00:00] 0) Gen Chat - not much I dive straight in on the 3 hour show!
chat on subs, donations, google premiere option, lack of support for my channel
[05:37] 1) Re-Cap the black Sphere UFO on SOHO - adding Scott Brandos
comment and graphics to the debunk
[15:30] 2) Look over new Navy Video Released stabilized by Mick West
via UFOofinterest
[26:50] 2b) Paul adds his opinion of it and claims why he doubts its a UFO
[31:20] 2c) Look up Sphere drones to see if any exist
[50:45] 3) A critical review and debunk of some of the foorage in Jaime Maussan
documentary making claims objects entering volcanoes of Mexico
are Alien craft collection electrical power!
[58:23] 3a1) Comment on Stephen Bassett ramblings in intro and end
of documentary and adding in other clips from Navy and
John Mack have nothing to do with volcano ufos
using to add proof ufos and aliens are real according to many
other researchers only, no comment on volcano footage from
any of them.
[01:13:14] 3a2) White cigar and camera artifacts and
[01:18:33[ 3a3) locations of air ports. around the volcanoes that look like Tic Tacs
entering these volcanoes. I prove with addition planes passing reg mountains.
[01:33:12] 3a4) First the famous streaking UFO pf popoc. volcanoe
they failed to mention it was solidly debunked 6 years ago
using star apps and 3d point of view and camera specs.
[01:49:49] 3b) Planes in footage rather then Alien offworld craft
[01:59:32] 3c) A deeper Look at air ports all around these volcanoes they fail to bring up
[02:01:00] 3d) balance in documentary.. 0 debunkers like Mick West on it
as mentioned incorrect facts about no fly zones.
[02:04:23] 3e) Look at camera artifacts and their HD camera used is still
long exposure IR with time lapse. still low quality

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