THE GRAND ♣ Then And Now After 14 Years ♣ Cast Real Name and Age

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THE GRAND ♣ Then And Now After 14 Years ♣ Cast Real Name and Age

Now a film about poker and poker tournaments. Despite being a comedy, The Grand, 2007 film directed by Zak Penn shows with caricatures the world of big poker tournaments.
Packed with famous professional playwrights and a cast of great actors and good comedians, like Judy Greer, Chris Parnell, and Richard Kind, we have the always crazy Woody Harrelson at the top of the cast.
Poker, a lot of poker atmosphere, well-rehearsed poker hands, not like those crazy things that we see in other films.
And, of course, we see pro poker playing. Negreanu, Laak, Doyle, even Hellmuth with lines in the film.
As always, we leave the poker pro-people for the end of the video, so make us happy and watch until the end, and then comment, leave your like or not. It is important to have fun.
So, it's been 14 years, some have changed, others are gone. But the film stayed. Let's see how the actors and actresses of The Grand 2007 are doing.

Jack Faro (Woody Harrelson) is the grandson of a casino legend and a former poker champ himself, until he lost it all, including the casino he inherited, to liquor and alimony. In order to win back his casino, Jack must enter the upcoming World Championship of Poker, where he will face stiff competition from famous players like Deuce Fairbanks (Dennis Farina) and Lainie Schwartzman (Cheryl Hines).

♣️ CAST ♣️
0:00 Woody Harrelson
0:35 Cheryl Hines
0:50 David Cross
1:05 Richard Kind
1:20 Dennis Farina
1:35 Chris Parnell
1:50 Werner Herzog
2:05 Andrea Savage
2:20 Shannon Elizabeth
2:35 Michael McKean
2:50 Ray Romano
3:05 Estelle Harris
3:20 Michael Karnow
3:35 Barry Corbin
3:50 Judy Greer
4:05 Hank Azaria
4:20 Jason Alexander
4:35 Mike Epps
4:50 Gabe Kaplan
5:05 Brett Ratner
5:20 Daniel Negreanu
5:35 Phil Gordon
5:50 Phil Laak
6:05 Phil Hellmuth Jr.
6:20 Doyle Brunson

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