Biden to Trans Youth: ‘Your President Has Your Back’

3 years ago
Biden to Trans Youth:, ‘Your President
Has Your Back’.
On Wednesday night, President Joe Biden delivered
his first address to a joint session of Congress.
Biden touched on a number of issues, including
the need to pass the Equality Act. .
The Equality Act, which would ban discrimination
based on sexual orientation and gender identity,
has yet to be voted on in the Senate. .
I also hope Congress can get to
my desk the Equality Act to protect
the rights of LGBTQ Americans, Joe Biden, via ‘Advocate’.
He then directly addressed “transgender
Americans," voicing his genuine support. .
To all the transgender Americans
watching at home — especially
thevyoung people who are so
brave — I want you to know that
your president has your back, Joe Biden, via ‘Advocate’.
The President’s support for trans youth comes amid
a wave of anti-LGBTQ and anti-trans state bills.
Currently, there are over 200 anti-LGBTQ
bills being considered in at least 30 states. .
According to the Human Rights Campaign,
half of them are targeting transgender people. .
Especially in this moment, when LGBTQ rights
are under attack in several states across the
country, it was important to see President
Biden make it clear tonight that his priority
would be continuing our shared fight to
ensure that every American has access to the
fullness of opportunity our country affords, Alphonso David, Human Rights
Campaign President, via NBC News