Eski Bolu - Old Bolu / Eski Türkiye - Old Turkey (Renkli - Colorized) 1910'larla 1980'ler arası görüntüler / fotoğraflar - Images / photos between 1910's and 1980's

  • 3 years ago
Bolu is located in the west side of Black Sea Region of Turkey. However, when Bolu’s climate is considered, two different types of climate are seen in the city; continental climate and Black Sea climate. As a result of this situation, there is variety both animal species and plant species in Bolu. It is a lucky city because of being in the middle of two different climate type! Neighbour provinces of Bolu are Düzce and Sakarya in the west, Çankırı in the east, Zonguldak in the north and Ankara in the south. By the way, Düzce was a district which had been a part of Bolu before but later it became a province as well.

The first civilisation which lived throughout the history in Bolu is Hittite. After Hittite, there were a lot of essential and ancient civilisations lived in this city. These cultures are Phrygians, lydians, Persians, Macedonian Kingdom (Alexander the Great), Rome Empire, Mongols and Ottoman Empire. As you see, these are great cultural heritage for a city. After tanzimat reform era, Bolu was a part of Kastamonu which is another city in Turkey. In the Republic era, it became a province.

-- Siyah-beyaz ve renklendirilmiş yüksek çözünürlüklü eski Bolu fotoğrafları ile şehrin tarihinde kısa bir yolculuğa çıkacaksınız. 1910'lu yıllardan 1980'li yıllara en nostaljik görüntüler.--

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